Demon Unleashed

“Don’t let the witches rule you.

Cordelia Talbot has lived by this resolve for the past ten years, and opening her supernatural bar, Eclipse, was supposed to be her final declaration of independence.

Trouble is, the city’s local coven has been determined to recruit her into their exclusive community. Despite her constant refusal to join, it hasn’t stopped the coven’s pretty boy from trying to muscle his way into her business in more ways than one.

But all hell breaks loose when a hidden room is discovered beneath the bar and a starving demon escapes. Cordelia must track down the demon before she’s blamed for the summoning.

If the coven finds it first and discovers its origins, Cordelia will lose more than just her bar.

Magic doesn’t define her. But it may be the thing that ends her.

They don’t burn witches anymore… Do they?

Demon Unleashed is the first book of the Eclipse trilogy.

It is a polyamorous series, meaning the main character has more than one love interest, and contains MM scenes.

The series is intended for audiences 18+.

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